板野友美 project!




The Kanji are :

板, (いた) = ita = board
野, (の) = no = field
友, (とも)= tomo = friends
美, (み) = mi = beauty

so :

板野友美 are Itano Tomomi



somehow it doesn’t quite right…

This boardfieldfriendsbeauty here is the most sophisticated member of AKB48… (according to myself)

She admit that her charming point is her mouth and eyes. What i like in her is her personality, her character… (but i admit that her mouth and eyes are the best!)

and so, I’m gonna do some research about this girl as a person that i like.

I’m going to use observational technique with interview technique to observe and to gather any useful data about Itano Tomomi. If possible I’m gonna use the natural observation with intervention method. It means that I observe her while she has no idea about it at all. (Quite a Stalker ain’t I?)

more about this project later…



板野友美 (Itano Tomomi)



  • Birth Date : 199173 (03-07-1991)
    • That means, she’s 17 Years old this year (2008).
  • Nickname: ともちん (Tomochin)
    • Her favored nickname.
  • Place of birth: Kanagawa-ken
    • In Yokohama region.
  • Hobbies: Dancing
    • Of Course! She’s an AKB48 member!
  • Music of the audition: BoA – ID; Peace B
    • This is the song she sang at AKB48 Project’s Audition.
  • Height: 150cm
    • She’s … short. I’m sure she has grown though.
  • Chest: 72cm
    • Fair enough. XD
  • W aist: 54cm
    • The diameter would be 17.2 cm!
  • Hips: 78cm
    • That would be… S-sized?
  • Agencie: Horipro
    • She plays futsal for the team Xanadu loves NHC. She’s Number 11.

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Good morning!

First, let met tell you something, if you like to surf the net, like to download things like crazy, and upload things just for fun… then Indonesia, is not the place you wanted to be…


No matter what provider you used, no matter what kind of expensive modem you have… the speed won’t rise no matter what you do…

Why like this?

I assume that this is happening because of the expensive price of the bandwitch here in Indonesia…

Darn developing country!

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve ever write in WordPress.com. different words, i’m a newbie here…

English is not my mother tounge (finger?) nor japanese is, so forgive me if there’s something that not quite right about how i write things in this two language (like these one…)


But hey! I’ve something to do right now! Later!